Lloyd AC Service Center In Mumbai A
Lloyd AC Service Center In Mumbai A
Lloyd AC Service Center In Mumbai A
Lloyd AC Service Center In Mumbai A
Lloyd AC Service Center In Mumbai A
Lloyd AC Service Center In Mumbai A
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Lloyd AC Service Center In Mumbai

Our Lloyd company introduced Lloyd AC Service Center in Mumbai to provide qualified technicians on your home doorstep service. Our technician gives immediate service to the customer and our technician gives the best service to the customer. Our technician is an expert in this technical field, our service center located in Mumbai we provide our service all over Mumbai and our service center provide 24/7 genuine service to the customer our service center provide original spare parts of the Air conditioner with the best quality product don’t worry about the charges we charge affordable price to the customer and we charge extra amount on spare parts.

Lloyd Window AC Service Center In Mumbai

Lloyd Window AC Service Center In Mumbai

Lloyd company is an Indian multinational company, this company is a top branded company in household products maximum numbers of people are using Lloyd company products like washing machines refrigerator, microwave oven, Air conditioner, and television. These all products are most useful in our household works like washing machines is used for washing clothes and it saves our time and reduces the work, the refrigerator is used for store grocery food items, the microwave oven is used for cooking food, baking food, heating food, and roasting food and it saves our time and reduces the work, the Air conditioner is used for cool Air this product reduce the room temperature and gives cool Air. The owner of Lloyd company is Havells India, this company started in the year 1956 and came into a solo branded company in the year 2007, and Lloyd company manufacturing plants in India are located at Haridwar, Baddi, Sahibabad, Faridabad, Assam, Alwar, and Neemrana. These companies have 23 branches in India. 

Lloyd Spilt AC Service Center In Mumbai

Lloyd Spilt AC Service Center In Mumbai

Central Air conditioner: The central Air conditioner is most used in some big houses, and also in buses. These types of Air conditioners are much better than wall Air conditioners. Central Air conditioner is used in most commercial places like malls, theaters, trains, hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.

Portable air conditioner: Sometimes we can go to some vacation places. We should book a room in that room Air conditioner is not available. A portable Air conditioner is a product which we can move from one place to another place. These types of Air conditioners occupy less space and give cool Air.

Window air conditioner: Window Air conditioner is used for cool Air, these types of Air conditioners we should keep in the window. These Air conditioners reduce the room temperature and give a cool Air conditioner. These window Air conditioners easily fit in the window. Most people are using these types of Air conditioners. These window Air conditioners occupy less space.

Ductless mini-split air conditioner: Ductless mini-split Air conditioner is commonly used in our household because this type of Air conditioner easily fits on the wall and the outside compressor takes hot Air from the room and gives cool to the indoor air handler. This type of Air conditioner is mostly used in every house.

Floor mounted air conditioner: floor mounted Air conditioner is a unit which is commonly used in grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. these types of Air conditioners we should keep in one place these Air conditioners we cannot move from one place to another place.

Dual fuel-air conditioner: Dual fuel-air conditioner is also called a heat pump with a backup heating system that runs from a separate fuel system. These Air conditioners give cold Air in hot summer seasons. And dual fuel Air conditioners harm heat in cold winter seasons.

Smart air conditioner: Smart air conditioner you can control your Air conditioner with your smartphone application. You can freely adjust your temperature level with your phone and you can change cool into hot Air with your phone.

Our qualified technicians solve all the problems of the Air conditioner like Air conditioner refrigerant leak, Air conditioner fan failure, Air conditioner electric control failure, Air conditioner dirty Air filter, etc.

Air conditioner refrigerant leak: in the case of a minor leak you should call a qualified technician. Our technician adds a refrigerant in minor issues. Our technician needs a minor fix, if, in case of a major fault you need to charge your Air conditioner pipes, our technician recharges the refrigerant carefully to overflow the refrigerant or underflow the refrigerant.

Air conditioner fan failure: if your Air conditioner fan stops in the middle. Then it should be better to call a technician. Because the technician only fixed that problem. Our technician fixes any type of problem. 

Air conditioner electronic control failure: the Air conditioner electronic control failure should check the electrical connection of the Air conditioner. Then you need to call a technician. Only a technician can solve that problem. Such Air conditioner problems may occur in Air conditioner maintenance. 

Air conditioner dirty Air filter: if you feel that your Air conditioner filter is clogged. You should check your Air filter, and you have to clean your Air filter. You have to change your Air filter every two months.


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Lloyd  AC Service Center in Mumbai 

Address: 190, C.G.S. colony, CGS Colony, Sector 6, Antop Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400037

Working Days: Monday – Sunday 

Working Hours: 8 AM – 9 PM 

Contact Number: 8985632532

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